Our range of 100% Australian made high quality turf gives you the comfort and familiarity of real grass.


Our residential, playground and school field products are manufactured using only metal free, raw materials to ensure a long lifespan and a great consistency in quality.


Whether you are looking to transform your back garden, front garden or you own a childcare centre and would like a safe play area for the children to play then SYNTHATECH Artificial Grass is here


We offer an 8 year manufacturer warranty for Synthetic Grass and 3 year warranty for softfall.



The Magic Green Carpet Invented Just for You

0f4088_d885118fad37475280022ec01921b4c3.png_srz_p_655_474_75_22_0.50_1A panorama of green that stretches towards the horizon and blends in well with the natural colours of the countryside is the perfect picture. This is nature in all her splendour but a miniature stretch of artificial green is an equally enticing sight. At Synthatech Australia Pty. Ltd, we offer the best artificial grass for your home lawn, commercial premises, sport venues and even for your bowling green. We service the Central Coast, Newcastle, Maitland and surrounding areas. Our synthetic green offers a very smart appearance that presents you with a gift of the full benefit of a lawn without the backaches when you try and plant one.

The issues that can beset successful installing

The art of installing an artificial synthetic grass is a special skill that only experts with years of experience in working with this wondrous material possess. You will definitely need the help of this kind of expertise. The costs involved may not be flexible enough to fit you budget or you may be dubious about the material itself because you have never seen it before. You may not be aware that synthetic grass is a craze that has grown in popularity with many different customers. It may be that you just don’t need an artificial lawn right now.

A reputable product with a great future

Our synthetic grass at Synthatech has garnered a reputation of being an extremely innovative material with top quality and enduring durability. We are pleased to inform you that our product has been the perfect solution for many school premises, sporting centres, parks. Our products are demanded by many clubs, councils and even builders. Last but not least, they are in big demand by architects, stately mansions and other residential houses. You don’t have to worry about hiring a gardener to tend your green lawn by mowing it as it always stays trim all year round.

We have the perfect solution for your problem

At Synthatech, we always succeed in satisfying our customers with a fair pricing policy that will fit any budget. In addition, our materials are the best on the market and we make sure there’s always plenty in stock to meet demand on an ongoing basis. Our synthetic grass installers are the best in the business with full professional status and commitment to match. They can expertly remove your existing lawn, compact the surface and install you choice of green synthetic grass in its place. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enticing results.


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